NaturalSealer NS-Seal


NaturalSealer NS-Seal is a inorganic-organic hybrid coating agent for concrete.

It provides high glossy and protective coating to concrete surface that is polished and treated with concrete hardener.


Water based inorganic-organic hybrid coating agent

Good adhesion to concrete surfaces

High glossy and protective coating

Easy application


It provides high glossy and protective coating to concrete surface that is polished and treated with concrete hardener.


Concrete floors that is polished and treated with concrete hardener such as chemical plants, agricultural storage warehouse and processing factory, parking buildings, convention centers, shopping malls, etc.

Product Specifications

pH 9-10
Specific gravity (25℃) 1.100-1.200
Solid (wt%, 150℃, 1Hr) 25±1
Viscosity (cps, 25℃) Max. 30
Remarks Inorganic-organic hybrid resin

Appearance: white milky liquid

Odor: weak odor

Freezing point: 0℃ (32℉). Do not freeze.

Storage: 6 months at normal condition and closed container

Packaging : 18L/can, 200L/drum



Coverage Rate Recommendation

0.2ℓ/㎡ is recommended. It is applied twice by 0.1ℓ/㎡. The coverage rate depends on the porosity of concrete.

Application Recommendation

1)Cleaning the concrete surface:

Concrete should be cured for at least 15 days after application with concrete hardener.

The concrete surface needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust or other objects. Do not use water for cleaning.

2)Working conditions:

Apply NS-Seal on concrete under surface temperature condition between 5℃ and 35℃.

Do not use NS-Seal on very hot, freezing, rainy or high windy days.


Apply NS-Seal continuously and equally by means of low-velocity spray unit and immediately rub stretch it with wiper. It should be conducted quickly before the coating is dry.

The second coating is conducted in the same way after one or two days.


Protect the treated concrete surface not to contact with water for the first three days. The drying time is typically within one hour and very shorter than curing time. Cure the treated concrete at least three days.


In order to maintain their effectiveness longer, avoid contact with water to treated surfaces, as much as possible.


It is hard to be removed after the coating is dry. Protect near surfaces that should not be contacted with NS-Seal.


Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling and using.

Use personal protective equipment.

Do not freeze. Keep the container closed.

Do not breathe spray mist.

Wash thoroughly after handling.